Sunday, October 2, 2011

What I Love About Fall

Evidently, I know how to throw a party.  
Friday, September 30th, I celebrated my Independence with 35 incredible people.  Wahooo.  Yes, I threw myself a party... because I’m an independent woman and I can do things like that. But yeah... it was a really, really, really, really good time.  If anyone didn’t have a good time, it was because they were either being responsible for someone else, or they weren’t invited. Ouch.  But I had a great time!! WAHOOO. Thank you to all of those that came. For real, y’all are so much fun! LET’S RECAP.  Dinner with some of my favorites.  Then taking over Three Tides “We’ve heard of a Sonja...”.... yeah, that’s never good. hahaha. Thanks to my bocci partner for setting it up so I won! You’re the best! Thanks for all the drinks that were bought for me (and stolen by me, sorry Eb, I had no idea) as well as all the dance partners and escorts on the walk back (I wish I knew who Scott was, or I’d bring him to you...ahahhaa).  Oh, and my little brown baby that keeps creepin on me. 80s Dance Party at the Lookout. BAHAHAH. Who knew Belfast could be so much fun?! And a special thanks to my roomies, bestie, Bee Eff Eff, and favorite neighbor for putting up with me at all times, even when you don’t want to.
Needless to say, Saturday and Sunday were very low key.  All I did was sleep, read, write, cook, shop, and clean.  Oh, I went for a run too! 5 miles! BAM!  Now I’m listening to country music, which explains my mood... VERY low key.  Normally I’m bustin out the dirty rap music to get me pumped for the week, but not today.     
What I Love About Fall
This is my first fall in Maine since 2008! Holy mother lover, that’s a long time.... at least it feels that way.  Let me tell ya, I love Maine in fall.  I kinda love summer too.  Actually, if I could live here from June through October, that’d be perfect.  I know, I sound like a little old lady.... With my activities the last two days, you would think I’m about 70 years old....   which I’m actually really excited for... wheelchair races, switchin people’s teeth, wearing bright spandex pants and no one judges you.... livin the dream.   
OKAY. Back to my top 10 reasons why fall is perfect.  Becca, my FAVORITE ROOMIE (sorry Dr. Phil, but you know its true), helped me out with this one. SO. LET’S GET IT GONE.

Comenzar con el número diez. 
10. Football. Okay, so, let me explain myself.  I don’t even understand football.  But both of my little brothers play football and I try really really REALLY hard to understand it.  I finally understand what “First Down” means. TRIUMPH! So even though I don’t understand it (kinda like poker, yet my Dad plays professionally), it’s one of my favorite parts of fall because I like watching my boys have a good time. 

9. Fall scented everything.  Sweet baby buddha, fall smells delicious.  I love it all, but my personal favorite are candles: autumn leaves, spiced pumpkin, macintosh apple, cloves... I could go on and on... mmm.  

8. CHRISTMAS IS COMING. Need I say more? 

7. Fall Shows! Wahoo! All my favorite shows are back!  Including Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, The Office, Community, House, and CSI. But my FAVE, Lie To Me, was cancelled!? SAY WHAT!? Tim Roth is incredible. How does that happen, yet ANTM is on it’s 17th season?! (btw, Laura’s got it this time). Oh well.  Now, if only Game of Thrones was on this fall, my life would be complete.  Who am I kidding. I can barely follow a single one of these shows. Between work, gym, cooking, blogging, and dancing around my apartment, I barely have time for tv.... but I like to have the option. and boy oh boy do I. FINALLY. Drama that is not my own, right Derek? ;)  

6. Skeletons, ghosts, bats, witches, uh, HALLOWEEEEN. DUH. I’m a retarded girl.  I HATE scary movies because they scare the shit outta me.  HOWEVER, I LOVE WATCHING THEM.  Why, you ask? God, I don’t even know.  But halloween is exactly the same, but It’s so much fun. The grim reaper, haunted houses, fog, big scary trees, monsters, vampires (that don’t sparkle, please), and dressing up like pirates, bumble bees, and the cast of mario kart. What ISN’T there to love about halloween?          

5. The Farm. Apple picking and corn mazes!!!!! Apple Cider. Hay Rides. OH.EM.GEE. I know I’m 24 and I shouldn’t enjoy these things, but I do.  Don’t judge.  Actually, go ahead and judge, doesn’t really bother me, because I’ll be off riding ponies through the field having a dandy time, while you’re sitting here hanging out with your grandma, playing checkers drinking metamucil before bed. 

4. Fall clothes.  Fall fashion season is my favorite. Jeans (flares are back, friends!!!), boots, light sweaters, blazers, leggings, little hints of lace.  Not to mention that Native American styles are SO IN for fall 2011 (that means I default to being awesome just because I have brown skin, NICE), as are plunging necklines and sexy leather harnesses. MEOW.  

3. PUMPKINS.  Becca LOVES pumpkins.  As a matter of fact, she grew pumpkins this year, which is pretty amazing! I’ve never cared too much for gardening, but I pretended for Becca’s sake.... but I have to tell you, it’s pretty rad to watch stuff grow. ANYWAY... we love pumpkins. Carving them, eating, them, looking at them, lighting them on fire, throwing them at cars. Pumpkins are awesome. 

2. Food. Baking. Cooking. Oh dear lord. Thanksgiving. Turkey. Pumpkin pie. Stuffing. Cranberry sauce. Mashed potatoes. GRAVY. Green bean casserole. Sweet potato pie. Turnips. Squash. Parsnips. Ham. Deviled eggs. Those little onions Bob Dow likes. nom nom nom. OH BOYYYY. 

AND TIED FOR Numero UNO.....
  1. Foliage and the tourists leave.  Yes, I said it.  Tourists.  What the hell are you doing in Maine anyway? I know we have awesome lobster, moose, and patchouli that seems to bring y’all by the boatload, but please, if you visit, at least PRETEND you aren’t a complete and total weirdo.  And goooooood lord, learn to drive. and walk. and pronounce.  It’s BANG-OR, not BANG-ERRRR.  ANYWAY.... back to the list.  Leaves die in the fall.  Watching those mofos suffer is a joy to behold each fall.  For real, there’s nothing like fall in Maine.  Racking leaves, jumping in them, then having to rack them again...(why don’t I ever remember this BEFORE I jump in them... idk).  But really, one of my favorite things to do during the autumn season is drive around, blasting michael jackson and looking at the changing colors.  It’s such a good reminder that although one thing must die to make room for something new, it’s still beautiful amidst the change.  Kinda like life.
That’s all I’ve got, kids. Let me know what you think!  Thanks for tuning in!

I’m starting a new trend at the bottom of each blog.... here it is:
Obsessed: Jenna Marbles and “Fancy” perfume by Jessica Simpson
Chef: Black Eyed Peas, Green Bean Casserole, and Rice Krispy Treats
Jam: “Dedication To My Ex” by Lloyd & Andre 3000

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