Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Boyfriends Update

Someone told me that my blog posts werent juicy enough lately.... guess being content doesn’t make for a lot of meaty, juicy, bloody steak.  Well... I think I conjured up some meat.
***Boyfriends Update***
If you haven’t read the “Boyfriends” post, you need to go read it before this one will make sense.  
So, are you curious of the status of these classy dudes?  I know I am!  So, two months (almost to the day) after the first post comes an inside look at my list of losers.  
Diego: As I mentioned, nothing was going on with this dude as of two months ago.  We tried to stay friends, but it just didn’t work.  There’s just something about someone that cheats that makes you question their intent and honesty (who woulda thought).  Anyway... he kept popping up on facebook, trying to chat.  He’d ask to skype when his girl wasn’t home, but I just wasn’t having it.  And one day, he popped up when I had just gotten bad news completely unrelated and I just laid into him.  Needless to say, Diego and I are officially no longer speaking.  Sorry, no one likes to be used, asshole.  Find some other hoe to play games with.  Not interested.
Cam: Well... I hadn’t heard from him since early September... then BAM! Last night, this dude reappears! It’s like he KNEW I was planning on writing this post.  Well, anyway... to make a long story short, he pretty much confessed his love. again. OH BOYYYY.... GIVE ME A FRIGGIN BREAK.  Then this guy tells me he feels like he missed his chance.  Oh Really?  Ya think?  Agghhhh. Even though all of our communication was via facebook message, he would not lay off.  Tried to make me feel guilty AGAIN for being the person I am.  I’m not a push over.  I refuse to change myself for anyone.  No. Not again.  Anyway... I blocked him.  I changed my cell phone number.  I moved.  Now once I’m able to remove the chip he more than likely installed into my skin, I’ll be completely free of Cam.  Good riddance.  What a waste of time.
Derek: This was the tough one.  I actually wrote that post like the day AFTER Derek and I had our conversation about ending our little fling.  So, I was a little fired up.  Two months later, where are Derek and I?  Well, I think things are all good, for the most part.  Are we as good of friends as we used to be?  No, but it’s all good.  And what about him and that girl?  I guess they’re dating now???  Hmm. Weird.  Slightly awkward.... but it gets less awkward everyday.  I genuinely wish them the best.  To be honest, I feel like I dodged a bullet... no offense, Derek, but we would have made an AWFUL couple.  We are just WAYYYYY too different.  It would have been like an lioness dating a emu.  I’d eat you.  Just sayin’...
So.... two months have passed....so there is another one. I know, I know.  But I’m single, give me a break.
Brad: a guy I’ve been in communication with since March... we’ve hung out like once or twice.  He looks like a movie star.  I want to eat him (in a more pleasant way than the emu).  He’s delicious.  He’s extremely talented too.  Pretty much the whole package.  We get along really well.  He lives out of state, but he comes back to Maine every once in a while.  Well, every single friggin time he comes home (his family is in Maine), he texts and tells me he’s coming and wants to get together.  Well guess what?  It NEVER happens.  Every single friggin time.  He plays games.  I’m not into games.  Why go out of your way to tell me every single friggin time, then not even make an effort?! AHHHH. It’s ridiculous.  Well, he was here a couple weeks ago.  He told me he was here.  I did not make an effort.  I’m over it.  My roommates hate him.  BRAD is a swear word in our house.  
As mentioned in the first boyfriend post, this list is not conclusive.  I have had a couple experiences with nice guys that I’ve maintained pretty solid friendships with.  So, naturally, they didn’t make it to the list of losers.  And not to jinx myself, but I believe I’ve met my soulmate.  Okay. I’m being dramatic.  But for real, we all have one person that just gets you.... a really great friend who’s similarity to you is freakishly wonderful that you wonder where they’ve been your whole life.  It’s definitely nothing serious at this time, but who knows?  No rush.  Even if it doesn’t develop into anything more, its the beginning to a beautiful friendship, which, at this point in my life, I value more than anything else.  Wahooo.    
Hope you enjoyed it.  And if you didn’t... you can Go BRAD yourself. 

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