Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle

Hey y'all! 
So, here's the deal... this is my blog.  You're probably reading it because you're interested in my thoughts and feelings.  Well, guess what!? That's all this thing is going to be... so creepers will LOVE it.  <-- Truth. Anyway, I'll cover all my favorite things: music. fitness. fashion. cooking. and writing.  Oh, and of course there will be coverage of the big D and dating for the first time in my life (and failinggggg miserably... haha, where do I FIND these guys?!) So, stay tuned.... it's gonna get wild. Me-ow. 

Why QUARTER LIFE?  Well, I'm 24, almost a quarter of a century old, in the pinnacle for my quarter life years... the years of discovery, mistakes, love, mystery, and tears.  This little network documents all of those feelings.  And then some. 

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